Northwest Community Church

Northwest Community Church

It’s been about six months since I’ve written. And just like your past 6 months – a whole bunch has happened for us. Celia and I spent two months out this summer on sabbatical.

To say we’re grateful for our church and this time they allowed us to take, is such an understatement. It was simply the best summer of our lives. For each one who supported us this summer — thank you!!

We came back in August and have experienced some big changes. Austin Christian Fellowship planted us (ACF Northwest) in September of 2012. We sensed we were entering a season of change and had been praying with our leaders, for the Lord to direct the next season.

On September 12th, Will (my boss - our senior pastor) and the overseers at ACF, offered ACF Northwest the opportunity to become an independent church. I sensed immediately, as did many of our leaders, that this was the answer to our prayers and what the Lord has for us.

After two weeks of prayer and discussions with our church community, we voted on September 27th to become an independent church. Our new name is Northwest Community Church.


The desire of our church family is to continue to be who we are – the church in our community. We hope to continue to partner with other churches to share the love of Christ with our neighbors in this community, and wherever the Lord leads us. In response to how the Lord loves us, we want to share the incredible gift of God’s love with others.

This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” — John‬ ‭15:12-13‬ ‭‬‬‬‬

Our desire is that we would be worthy of our roots. Austin Christian Fellowship is an incredible church. They are generous and passionate about sharing the Good News that Jesus loves each one of us, and offers us life forever with Him. We have been blessed with 7 years of wonderful support, great leadership and teaching.

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Personally, Celia and I are so thankful for the impact of Will and Susie in our lives. I’ve known both of them since 9th grade. Will was the brash senior at my first church camp, who made being a Christian look cool for me. As I went through high school, I got to know his girlfriend/future wife Susie, who was also well respected and forthright about her love for the Lord.

After Celia and I finished college, married and started our family, we began attending ACF. We truly grew up in our faith as young parents, under their leadership. When my company transferred us to San Antonio, Will challenged us to find a church where we could serve.

When we moved back to Austin in 2011 to work for ACF, their daughter Emily led our student ministry and their youngest Sara helped. Their impact on our own kids has been very significant. If their influence on our kids had been the only benefit to leaving my sales career and moving to Austin, it would’ve been worth it!

That’s just the Fulmer’s story. Many in our church community have their own story about how the Davis family has impacted their lives forever. We’re so grateful!

The ACF overseers are driven by faith and very generous. Their offer for us to become an independent church, after all they’ve invested in us, feels so much like how Jesus would’ve handled this situation. Northwest Community Church has great roots. We hope to make our sending church proud by how we handle ourselves moving forward.

Our new church is 7 years old, which is a great blessing. While we have lots of new challenges, we know who we are.


We know we’re not perfect.

We understand we’re all broken and in need of a Savior.

We are loved by One who is perfect.

His love is for everyone.

His name is Jesus.

Our desire is to love the people in our community, as they are, the same way He has loved us.

We hope to be a comfortable place where anyone can explore their faith and know they’re welcome.

If you live far away, but are our friends/family — we covet your prayers in this season.

If you live close by, and have thought about coming to visit – come on!

We’d love for you to visit anytime. We’re saving a seat for you.

We’ll continue to meet at Murchison, Sunday mornings at 10.

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