Serve our City

Serve our City

Dear ACF Northwesterlies,  ACFers Northwest, ACF Northwesterners, Nor’westers, Nor’westerlies, N-Dubs,

I’m struggling for the best name for those of us who go to ACF Northwest, but I’m getting warmer. Feel free to vote. I’m leaning towards N-Dubs.

We’re closing in on the end of October, and I’d like for you to know about the opportunities we have to love and serve people in our community the October 29th & 30th, for Serve our City.

As a reminder or for those who are new, ACF leadership felt led for us to close our Sunday services, and to go serve as a church community on 5th Sundays. We have done this since the end of 2013.

It’s an act of faith by our leaders. Also, it’s an act of obedience to something they felt The LORD led us to do. For each of us, it’s an opportunity to get outside of our normal activities and serve people in our city. Our prayer is they will see the love of Jesus Christ in us, and respond to Him!

So, if you’re new or you’ve forgotten why we do this, I want you to know we’re serious about this and we want you to join us.

I’m really excited about the serving opportunities available to you, Nor’westerlies, this Serve our City. I’d love for you to sign up with your family, people in your small group, by yourself, or bring a friend. Most of all, I’m praying every Nor’wester will sign up.

Nick Herring, our fearless N-dub SOC coordinator, and I meet with Chelsea Landis to review, plan and pray about each opportunity. At the heart of every scheduled event, we’re looking for ways to augment areas ACFers NW are already serving.

Here’s why we’re serving in each of these events:


Young Lives Trunk or Treat – I’ve seen Young Life leaders look, walk and talk like Jesus in our community. They’re college students committed to building relationships with middle school and high school students. Their teen mom ministry is called Young Lives. We, the Church, are well known for our pro-life position. If we’re serious, we should take every opportunity to come alongside young ladies facing pregnancy and motherhood. If you’re passionate about this, and able, come out and encourage these young moms, and the Young Life leaders who spend themselves loving them.

Murchison Beautification – We’re so fortunate to meet every Sunday, at Murchison Middle School. God has granted us a great school partner. I feel strongly one of our responsibilites is to love and serve this school & their staff. We get great opportunities to serve them because we meet in their building. This project is to do work they don’t have the time to do, to make their school look good! It’s the ultimate 2 for 1 deal N-Dubs; we can pretty up the school and our sanctuary.

Prayer at Mount Bonnell – At the heart of every effort, across all ACF communities, we are praying for Jesus to reveal Himself to those we serve. Our prayer is this isn’t just a feel good opportunity for us, but that the Kingdom advances, and people who are struggling in life right now, would know they are loved by God, and they can have a relationship with Him. What better way to serve, than to join a group of other ACFers, and pray for God to do this all over our city at the beginning of the weekend? 

Refugee Fall Fest – We believe God has brought these families from around the world to our community, so they might know He loves them. We’re looking for opportunities to build meaningful, encouraging relationships, so our new friends sense they’re welcome here. Ultimately, we pray we get to introduce them to our Savior. Many of our students (middle & high school) will serve at this event.

JCC Festival Set-up & Teardown – We have the unique opportunity to work alongside our friends at the Jewish Community Center. This is an opportunity I have been praying for in our community. I think working together pleases our Father: “For Christ Himself has brought peace to us. He united Jews and Gentiles into one people when, in His own body on the cross, He broke down the wall of hostility that separated us.”- Ephesians 2:14

The Gathering at Community First Village – Austin has a large population of homeless folks. Community First welcomes them in, provides a long-term place for them to stay, earn their keep and be a part of a community. We get the chance to serve dinner and worship with them, in their community. 

Please sign up for one of these today, at the link below today. See you there - Thom







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