secretly awesome

secretly awesome

Picture Jesus, with His disciples and His mother, at a wedding. Wedding feasts lasted for days and they were long, drawn out affairs.

In the middle of this celebration, they were running out of wine. This would have been a major faux pas for the bride and groom, potentially causing them shame for years to come.

Jesus, just attending and enjoying family and friends, is asked by His mother to help this young couple. His response is curious, claiming it wasn’t His time to act. Call it a mother’s intuition, but she tells the servants to do whatever He says.

And then, even more mysteriously, He instructs the servants to fill the jars. Six jars, 20-30 gallons per jar. Then He tells them to draw some out and take it to the master of the ceremony.

Jesus made the water into wine…about 150 gallons of the best wine ever served.


If you’re reading through the Bible, this is a story you’d be inclined to gloss over. He didn’t heal anyone, restore sight or raise anyone from the dead.

Why would Jesus react like He did, then answer with an abundance of the best?

His disciples, His mother and the servants all knew what He did. It doesn’t appear that the groom, the bride, the others in attendance or the master of the ceremony had any idea.


What does this tell us about Jesus?

He doesn’t have to be the center of attention. Philippians 2 tells us He made Himself nothing, of no reputation, to come to earth and die like He did…for us. It began right here.

Jesus didn’t stop the ceremony and announce he would be turning the water into a velvety smooth red, with a subtle black pepper and cherry-like overtones, for your enjoyment over the next few days. He just quietly made the water into incredible wine…lots of it!

Someone invited Jesus in, and everyone benefited.

Something about our Father, who is spirit and invisible, is extremely mysterious. Jesus is, too.


“There seems to be something deep within the heart of GOD that loves the hidden, the small, the empty, the nothing, the invisible. In fact, there seems to be something deep within Him that is actually drawn to it.” – Jim Branch, Being with Jesus


Honestly, this story leaves us with questions and though we don’t have clear answers, there’s something very compelling about Him.  Jesus had purpose in doing this first miracle behind the scenes, at a wedding.

He blessed the bride and groom, their friends, and His friends almost anonymously. We discussed this story with our Thursday night group, and my friend Grace said, “sometimes it’s great to be secretly awesome.” I agree.

Jim Branch, in the devotional book I quoted above, referred to Jesus as sneaky.

At the end of His ministry here on earth, Jesus calls His followers His friends. I cannot imagine a greater privilege than being brought into the ways of Christ, as He moves in the lives of others.

He is always responding to questions, needs, desires and deep cries. We get to follow in His steps, watching Him do supernatural things in the lives of those around us.

It’s worth keeping an eye on Jesus. He’s on the move, and He’s secretly awesome.



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