Let it Burn

"They said to each other, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:32 NLT)

Two of Jesus' followers walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaeus after His resurrection and they didn't recognize him initially. After He walked with them, spoke with them and broke bread with them, they finally recognized Him as Jesus. Then He disappeared and they're left with questions..."didn't our hearts burn as He spoke?". My Bible, not any of my apps or online Bibles, but the actual Bible I read at home says, "our hearts were strangely warm". Warm? That sounds soft and nice. I like this translation and the idea of hearts burning within better...much better!

We're so prone to push back the burn, to go through an incredible experience with Jesus, then get moving, get past it, forget the white-hot emotional reaction and search for something more reasonable...more sustainable? Why? What's wrong with the Jerry Maguire moment? Remember he got sick, stayed up all night, wrote an essay and had it placed on everyone's desk in his office. Ultimately, the essay got him fired for embracing his deepest feelings about how to treat people in his industry. I love his commitment to take action in the moment of clarity, the price he pays of facing everyone in our office saying "who's with me?" on his way out the door, only to hear crickets, save Dorothy Boyd! What about you? What about me? Are we willing to let our passion for Jesus cause us to take a bold step that has effect, makes waves and results in eternal impact?

I read this verse in an Oswald Chambers' devotional yesterday, then I read a FB post from my good friend Dan Mabery, confessing a raw, emotional response to Christ:

"On the History Channel’s, “The Bible,” I was totally wrong in ragging it earlier. I just, this evening, finished watching the third episode. I found it to be gripping. I literally cried (which lawyers aren’t supposed to do) when I first saw the newborn king. I jumped out of my office chair, punched holes in the air, and sounded a barbaric YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWPPPPP over the rooftops of my apartment complex (scaring my neighbors) when he rose out of the water after John baptized him, promising so, SO much to come. I am literally leaning forward in my chair, waiting to see what we KNOW happens next.

Oh, brothas and sistahs. It may be Friday, but Sunday’s a-comin’. Can I get an “Amen” up in heah?

When Jesus was walking with his boys and he asked, “What about you? Who do you say that I am?” That wasn’t just a question put to his faithful band followers, it is THE question. The indelible, inescapable question stamped on the conscience of ALL creation: “What about you? Who do YOU say that I am.” Jesus looks each and every one of his beloved daughters and sons—you—straight in the eyes, pauses the world, and asks that question, the question leading to eternal life.

The world stands still. Just you and Him. What will your answer be?"

A raw, emotional response to the white-hot burn in his heart for the King of Kings! Dan's response to what he was watching and his challenge to all his FB friends is awesome - it moves me to my own series of fist pumps. Reason and rationale have their place. But maybe we've elevated stoic, hospital corners, privatized faith a little too high? The King of Kings was stripped, beaten and pierced in PUBLIC, for you and for me. What Jesus has done is beyond all reason and ration! He is looking at you and He wants to know - does the truth of who He is burn within your heart?

I agree with Chambers's point: when we have the moment , the emotional experience with Christ, let's make our commitments and hold to them. Let's let our hearts burn...moving us to do the crazy thing we never thought we would do, but the one we know Jesus wants us to do. Let's quit sticking our toes in and let's jump with both feet into the wild river of His love flowing beneath us.



Following Behind = Fear

Following Behind = Fear