Lessons from Leroy

Lessons from Leroy


"Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.  Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly." (Psalm 5:3 NLT) The dog in the picture is my Labrador Retriever, Leroy.  As I sat down on my patio to write this week's blog, Leroy sat next to me with a ball in his mouth.  This is our usual routine.  I sit outside, he holds the ball until he cannot stand it anymore, then he places the ball in my lap, takes a step back and sits down...giving me the look you see in the picture.

As I sat there, watching Leroy watching and waiting on me, I realized something different about waiting.  Several things,  actually.  I'm not sure if you should feel bad about reading a guy's blog  who learns from a dog, or if it's a sign of genius to learn from something so simple...probably the former.  Either way, here's what I learned:

1) Look at his eyes - he is waiting on me to move.  You could drive a train through my back yard and he will not take his eyes off of me or the ball that was sitting on my lap.  When I wait expectantly, I need to keep my eyes on my Master.  Nothing, no circumstance or person should distract me from watching my Master as I wait.

2) Leroy is waiting in anticipation.  He is perfectly still, except for a slight shaking because he is so excited, anticipating what I am going to do next.  I think that is what God means for me when I am commanded to wait expectantly.  I should be watching, shaking with anticipation that something good is about to happen.

3) He's sold out.  New people walking into my backyard, food or some loud noise; any distraction or challenge that may happen (this is one I have tested him on before) will only cause a brief glance away then he will return his complete attention to me.  I need to sell out when I wait.  Sure, I may turn to see something happening around me, but I need to turn my eyes right back to my Master after I have looked at the distraction.

4) He is always rewarded.  This lousy master always throws the ball for his persistent dog. My Master is so much better, and He is always moving...so I should know, when I wait, it is not sitting and doing nothing, it is an active, expectant wait...knowing that something great is about to happen!

So, what are you asking the Lord to do in your life, in your marriage or in the lives of your children?  What is so big that you give it to the Lord in prayer, but keep reaching back and trying to control by yourself?  Are you, like me, challenged by this simple verse and an even simpler dog?  Let's commit ourselves to lay our requests before the Lord, then step back and wait like Leroy!


By the way, no animals were harmed in preparation of this blog.


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