holding, or leaping?

holding, or leaping?

Before leaving on a long trip, a master entrusts three of his servants with gifts. The first servant receives 5 talents (a weight, made of a metal with value like copper, silver or gold). The second servant receives 2 talents and the third servant is given 1 talent.

Two servants went right to work with their master’s talents, and multiplied the value of the talents they were given. The third servant did nothing.

Consider the third servant. Was he angry for not getting more, afraid he’d lose the talent given, or did he think he didn’t have enough to make a difference? Jesus’ story (from Matthew 25) indicates this servant was fearful. However, the other two weren’t so concerned they didn’t take action.

His worries kept him from taking action. Two trusted their master and the third did not.

Can you relate to the servant? Rather than take action, he made excuses. Thinking he had too little in his hands to do anything of significance, he buried his talent.

His master judges him as wicked, lazy and was upset because the man did nothing. These talents represent time, talent and resources given to us. You and I have a similar choice.

“A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.” 1 Corinthians 12:7

Each of us is given a gift. Will we make excuses, feel slighted by our comparisons to others, or think what we have to offer isn’t enough to make a difference?

“They do not realize that the last flake of snow just oversets the gathering avalanche, and sends it into the vales beneath.” – F B Meyer

 Have you ever faced a problem and felt you didn’t have the ability to make a difference? Should we take action? Is God really asking us to do something?

My friend, Josh Dorrell and his family, saw inner city Galveston with staggering crime rates, generational poverty and no signs of hope. They took a step of faith and invested their talent. They moved into the community and started Galveston Urban Ministries. 

They gathered volunteers as God has provided, and have begun to make an impact on education, providing a safe place for kids, teaching kids to be responsible, and helping parents earn jobs to take care of their families. The LORD has begun an avalanche with one step of faith.

This week, Celia and I met Debi Wehmeier at Heart of Texas Pregnancy Care Center. Compelled and overwhelmed by the devastation abortion had on young ladies in our community, Debi and her husband took a step of faith, and invested their talent. 

Without the necessary resources to start, they began a pregnancy resource center to help young ladies in crisis. They’ve met with thousands of girls, and through them God has saved many, many precious lives. Her team spends themselves on sharing the Good News with these ladies. They walk through these difficult times with the girls and their families, providing necessary assistance. The impact is too great to count, and it began with a step of faith.

The strength of every single talent we’ve been given isn’t the value of the talent, but in our obedience. Our small step of faith allows us to trade on God’s account and not our own. As we do, His work begins.

Eternal significance is not measured at the beginning, or by what we can see. We have to trust the master has put the right talent in our hands. 

What is He asking you and I to do? Is it too big, or do we lack the resources to do it? Let’s look to our Father, who is able to do all things, and take the step of faith we feel compelled to take. If He is calling you to it, countless blessings and miracles are waiting.


the vigilance of a Sentinel

the vigilance of a Sentinel