Hearing GOD

“O LORD, as we spend time with YOU and YOUR Word this day, let us hear the words of YOUR Ancient Song; and let us listen closely for the Song of GOD that rises in our hearts.” – Jim Branch

Ever have one of those weeks where you’re hearing the same message over and over again? GOD does this with me periodically. Actually, HE probably does it all the time, but I’m so discerning it seems as though HE does it periodically. Well, welcome to my week.

My lesson this week is about a song. The LORD sings a song over you and me. And HIS song is personal; it is a specific encouragement for you or for me. It is a word only HE can speak and it has profound impact for us, when we hear from HIM. GOD is that good!

“For The LORD your GOD has arrived to live among you.  HE is a mighty Savior.  HE will rejoice over you with great gladness.  With HIS love, HE will calm all your fears.  HE will exult over you by singing a happy song.” (Zephaniah 3:17 NLT)

Not only does The Creator come to live among us. HE rejoices over us and HE exults over us by singing a happy song. I’m wondering if you hear HIS song. Honestly, many times I do not hear it. The noise of our lives keeps us from hearing HIS song. Again this morning I was reminded that our ability to participate in the chorus of what GOD is doing depends on us hearing what GOD is saying. How can we hear?

“Agree with GOD, and be at peace; thereby good will come to you.

Receive instruction from HIS mouth, and lay up HIS words in your heart…

For then you will delight yourself in The Almighty and lift up your face to GOD.

You will make your prayer to HIM, and HE will hear you…”

(Job 22:21-27 ESV)

When our busyness, desires to be noticed and desires for physical things are laid down, we become available to hear from GOD. We understand more clearly - GOD is our treasure. Seasons of confusion, trial or tribulation are worth it because we comprehend our significance to The KING.   We hear HIS Word for us.

As HE becomes our Treasure, we are free to sing the song HE has sung over us. And when we sing our song, we join with a much larger chorus. HIS Song is not that same without you singing your part. Our world tells us we were created to sing some earth-shattering solo. But we were made for more! We were made to be part of a larger anthem, HIS Ancient Song, which when you join in…you will find life and peace for your soul.

You and I have to agree with HIM; to surrender to HIS ways and HIS pace. We have to be in a place where we can receive HIS instruction. We have to turn down the noise, so we can hear HIS Song. A Song is being sung over each one of us. Can you hear it?



Letting Truth Speak

Letting Truth Speak