He lets me rest...

He lets me rest...

“The LORD is my Shepherd; I have everything I need. He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams." - Psalm 23:1-2

Green meadows. Permission to rest.

Imagine a gentle nudge leading you to still waters. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

One day last week, I stepped out of my normal daily schedule, and spent time in silent space. Not like a morning quiet time, but more like an appointment with my Father. It didn’t last all day. It was 2-3 hours at an isolated carrel, in a library. Silence. Quiet water, green pastures.

As I sought time with God, without an agenda, He refreshed my soul with a well-known psalm. I read it without rushing, in different translations, verse by verse. Here are couple significant things I took from Psalm 23.

One: In Him, I have everything I need. Our world seems to thrive, and even gain energy, on discontentment. When I pull away and shut out noisy influences, I’m reminded, I have everything I need in Him. I shall not want.

He lets me rest in green meadows, and leads me beside peaceful streams. He refreshes my soul.

This implies my soul needs refreshment. Listen again to the first few verses and hear the implications. You and I need green meadows, and peaceful steams.

It is so easy to run past places of rest.

Finding this kind of time is a struggle, right? When I made the sacrifice of putting this appointment on my schedule, and fought to protect the time, it was worth it.

A quiet carrel in a library may sound awful. Okay, but where is your green pasture? What do quiet waters look like for you? Your soul, like mine, needs to be refreshed.


Two: Personalize this old psalm. I read to my Father, not just about Him, but to Him. It looks like this:

Instead of – “He lets me rest in green meadows…”

Pray – “You let me rest in green meadows. You lead me beside peaceful streams.”

Something wonderful happens when we pray His Word back to our Father. We connect with Him. Quiet space becomes holy ground and we’re drawn in to an intimate conversation.

David wrote this. He was a shepherd. All of these references are from his experience and they’re significant to David. They’re meaningful to us, and if you’re like me, you’ve never even tended any sheep.

What about your experience? What have you been trained to do, as an expert, and now have years, maybe decades of experience in? Are you a student, a mom, an engineer or doctor?

I was in sales for over 20 years. So, I made Psalm 23 personal by writing it out of my experience. It’s a little silly, but it honestly helped me connect to The LORD in a real and new way. Try it.

The LORD is my VP of Sales. I have a job. 

He allows me to go out into my territory to work

and He has given me an office, to gather my thoughts and rest.

He refreshes my bank account every two weeks.

He guides my efforts and the calls I make.

Even when I am in the hardest of deals & could lose my job,

I am not afraid, because I know He is with me and for me.

His endless resources give me strength in the most competitive deals, even the ones I don’t think I will get.

He lavishes praise on my efforts.

I have success way beyond what I have earned; my blessings overflow.

Surely goodness and an intimate working relationship will follow me all of my days,

and I get to hang out in the corner suite with my Mentor and Friend.





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