grasping by Jim Branch


something is terribly wrong within her

a long slow bleeding of her heart and soul

has been her constant companion

for as long as she can remember

so many things

she has tried

to make the bleeding stop

or to make her feel better

for at least a moment

but the long line of solutions

have failed her

so here she stands

even worse off that she was before

desperately grasping

for wholeness

or healing

or even a glimmer of hope


maybe JESUS…

maybe HE will…

be able

to stop the bleeding

of her weary heart

“if only I can get near enough

to reach and touch”


and when she finally

grasps for HIM

the bleeding stops

the wound is healed

the broken is made whole

reflief streaks down

her tearstained cheeks




HE turns and looks

HIS eyes meet hers

she falls to her knees

in fear and confusion



HE tenderly whispers

to the depths of her heart and soul

indescribable intimacy

in the middle of the crowded street


“go in peace”

with a gentle and knowing smile upon HIS lips


this is what she most deeply longs for


“be freed from your suffering”

and indeed she is

no more bleeding

no more grasping

only love


and in the midst of

her bleeding

and grasping

and healing

i am reminded

of my need

for the same


of the open wound

of my insecurity

of my grasping

for value and affection

when only One

offers the touch

that will bring wholeness

and freedom


so there is an invitation


for me

to a new life

of indescribable intimacy

and freedom

with the One

who calls me HIS “son”

that whispered me into being

and longs for


and freedom

for me

if I will let go

of all the ways

of my grasping heart

and just reach out

for the edge of HIS robe


pray that I have the courage

to reach out

like the woman

JESUS Loves You!!

JESUS Loves You!!

The Redeemer

The Redeemer