Got Time?

Got Time?


“We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing. We heap up wealth, not knowing who will spend it.” (Psalm 39:6 NLT) Rushing, pressing, pushing to make the next appointment; reminder bells going off, text messages pinging as I walk/run out the door - coffee spilling on my shirt as I open my car door. Is it just me or is your pace crazy fast? I see so many stressed and less than friendly looks in traffic (it couldn’t possibly be my driving), that I know it can’t be just me. Our mental and physical pace is nuts. Why are we chasing so hard after the next call, appointment or meeting?

When we run every place we go, we miss God, we miss what He is doing and we walk right past opportunities to love others for His sake. A few months ago, God opened my eyes to how rushing prevents me not only from His Peace, but from opportunities to be a part of what He is doing all around me.

My son had been with our friends in San Antonio for the weekend and we planned to meet Sunday afternoon in New Braunfels. My friend got caught in traffic leaving San Antonio, so I found myself with a totally free 45 minutes. Initially I was frustrated, but in a couple of minutes I realized God had just created some space for me. My mind began to unwind, to slow down and rest. I sat and thought for a few minutes, and then I headed into a convenience store for a bottle of water. As I came around one of the aisles, I noticed a big, rough looking guy headed on a path that would have ran right through me. I stepped back, yielded the path to him, looked him in the eye and smiled. He reacted by moving his head back a little, smiling and nodding back to me. My very simple, kind gesture caught him off guard and literally changed his physical posture. He expected a race for the corner, but he received a yield and a smile instead.

No, there was no conversation. In fact, we didn’t say a word to each other. I just noticed that this big, tough guy was touched by my simple, kind gesture. I realized that when I traveled a little slower, my posture towards the others around me opened up and my eyes began to see others’ faces. I was in a physical position to think about someone other than me. I need margin, time, less pressure to see and care for others.

What else can God do in our minds if we yield our precious time to Him? The King is waiting, He patiently waits and desires to commune with you and me. I humbly propose that there is not another appointment, phone call, TV show, game, event, pleasure or distraction that can compare to what He will do in the time you yield to Him.

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