Joseph and Mary said yes to life-changing requests from God. They were certain of what God was asking them to do, and willingly stepped into His plan.

Shortly thereafter, trouble began. Can you imagine the murmuring they heard as they walked through their little town of Nazareth? Yet, they had done nothing wrong, but had instead responded honorably to the request of The LORD.

Augustus decreed a census, and they were forced to travel 90 miles on foot to Joseph’s ancestral home. Joseph took his very pregnant fiancée to Bethlehem.

Surely they wondered, why has The LORD done this to us? We were excited to be parents of The Messiah, but these circumstances are too much. They must have prayed desperate prayers for a place to have a child and for provision, as they traveled away from home and family.

When our circumstances get hard, we wonder what God’s plan is. How can it be, I’m saying yes to His plans and walking through this mess? When we walk through hard times, let’s look to this story to see how God responded to His faithful servants.

In the midst of their difficulties, God responds. They find a place to have the child. At the news of angels, shepherds visit to worship their newborn child. Mary treasures the beauty of Jesus’ simple, but royal birth.

After His birth, they find a home to stay in while they remain in Bethlehem. Later, magi from the east visit. These men traveled from as far away as Iraq. Months of travel, in response to signs they saw in the heavens which prompted them to leave their homes, to worship the Messiah.

The magi brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. The significance of these gifts: gold in response to His royalty, the frankincense for His deity, and myrrh to anoint His body for burial.

God was about to ask Joseph to pack his wife and child, to go to Egypt. Away from home, Joseph had no means to support his young family. The LORD’s response to Joseph’s prayer was pure gold. He had it delivered from the east, by wise men.

While his desperate prayers were being prayed, and worry surely consumed Joseph, the gold was on it’s way from the east. Every need provided for, by our Father, who always gives us all we need when we follow after Him. 

   “If you concern yourself in the affairs of His Kingdom, and will obey the warnings and directions He gives; if you dare to step out on the path of literal obedience – you will find that God will become responsible and defray all costs.” – F B Meyer

The same Father who provided for Mary and Joseph provides for you and me. I have seen Him do this over and over again in my life. 

Joseph looked back at his life from Egypt, provided for only by heavenly resources. After escaping the death of his young son, he knew, The LORD is trustworthy! 

We can experience the very same God providing for us, in ways we never see coming. Our job is to respond like Mary and Joseph, to say yes to the things we know God has placed before us. He is faithful to provide the rest.

“Seek The Kingdom of God above all else,

and He will give you everything you need.” – Luke 12:31

an invitation

an invitation

a manger

a manger