GOD Honors Obedience

GOD Honors Obedience


“He will give you all you need from day to day if you make The Kingdom of GOD your primary concern. So don’t be afraid, little flock, for it gives your FATHER great happiness to give you The Kingdom.” (Luke 12:31-32 NLT) When I consider living examples of obedience, I think of Jimmy and Jeannie Hampton. Celia and I were fortunate to meet them, and become fast friends, when we moved back to Austin in 2011. When we met, they knew The LORD was calling them into international ministry and they were convicted to go, but they had not worked out the details. You know, little details like which country and what exactly GOD wanted them to do in that country. Yet, they were convicted to GO.

Can you imagine the thrill of GOD’s heart that these followers of His would be willing to leave their jobs, sell their home and go wherever He asked them to go. It’s like Jimmy and Jeannie were taking literally the next verse from Luke 12 to sell what they have and give to those in need.

As we’ve watched them walk through this, we’ve seen them living on the edge of their seat waiting on The LORD’s direction, including taking their family on a 5-week exploratory trip to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In the last year, through many circumstances, relationships, phone calls and trips, we’ve seen The LORD clarify His call for them to go. They’ve been offered and feel led to go to Costa Rica with Young Life.

One of the difficult, but sweet things about following JESUS’ call, is being refined through the waiting. At times, you’re sure you’ve missed His leading, then something beautiful happens. Well, in the last week, when the Hamptons were beginning to wonder if they’d missed it, something happened. In fact, they were on their knees in a hotel room, crying out to GOD to affirm their decision. Here’s their story:

While in training, we prayed and asked for affirmation (again). We asked for confirmation and we asked for strength (again).

We finished training. We came home. We felt hope, and peace, trust and joy. GOD had indeed carried us through.

We came home, still packed, and someone knocked at our door and wanted to look at our home. Our home is not yet for sale. Three days later, we received an offer on our home unsolicited for the amount we wanted. And they're fine with us living here until we ship all our belongings to Central America. Really?

That same day, we got an email from a friend in Costa Rica that the house we looked at last summer was now available again. We talked to them. No money needed now, they'll just hold it for us until we get there in June. What?

God sold our house and secured a place for us to live in Costa Rica. Just like that. What did we do? Nothing.

We prayed. We answered our phone, checked our email and answered our front door. Things we all do every day.

There’s not always the kind of practical plan we like, when we follow JESUS. We’re to make The Kingdom of GOD our primary concern and trust He’ll take care of all we need. If we turn from our desire to protect our people, our things and we just respond to His call, trusting Him to provide, it pleases our FATHER to give us The Kingdom. That’s real, friends! I’ve read many stories in The Bible about this, seen Him do it in my life and I just saw GOD do it again in the lives of Jimmy & Jeannie. To quote my boss, GOD loves and honors obedience.

If you want to learn more about the Hamptons, you can see their story by going here




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