Exciting News:

I have been praying with many of you, making phone calls, meeting with people and looking for a place to meet on Sunday mornings this Fall.  At the end of last week, I received a verbal confirmation that ACFnorthwest has been approved to meet in Murchison Middle School every Sunday, starting in September.  I will have more details coming over the summer, but I wanted to share this great news with you!

Murchison is right in the middle of our neighborhood, an exit off of MoPac, and every night the fields are covered with people from our community, playing kickball, walking, running, practicing football, soccer, lacrosse…it is as busy as any other public place.  To think that the Lord has opened a door here is very exciting to me.  I am a former Matador.  In fact, I first heard “How funky is your chicken, how loose in your goose…” while sitting in the bleachers of the Murchison gym.  I promise not to repeat that on any Sunday morning, but I had to say it at least once.  I am very excited to see what the Lord will do as we meet there.

I feel a strong sense of responsibility to steward this opportunity well.  In one of the first ACFnorthwest small group meetings, I asked for the people in our group to name friends of theirs by first name who didn’t know Jesus or who were dealing with a serious struggle in their lives.  At first, our group was hesitant to share and the names were slow to come, but then as they realized the gravity of the question, the names started pouring in as I wrote down each one.  As a group, we committed to pray for each one of those names.  That list of 50+ names from one small group is why ACF decided to change how we do church, it is why we are planting a church in Northwest Austin, it is why we started one in Brushy Creek and why we will continue to put churches in communities around Austin.

So who is on your list?  Who do you know that doesn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?  Who doesn’t know that in the midst of their current struggles, His yoke is easy and His burden is light?  Who doesn’t know that He isn’t angry with them, but that He is humble and gentle, loving and patient and best of all – that He is waiting for them?

Let’s join together in the next couple of months and ask Jesus to begin to move.  Let’s make a list of our own and every time we see those Joshua 4 rocks (remember from our last meeting?), let’s remember to ask Jesus to create opportunities for those people on our list to come to Him.  And, let’s ask Him to use us, in our own way and His time, to be part of the process.  My prayer is that lives in Northwest Austin will change forever because of how the Lord moves through our church, through our kids, through you and me.  Pray with me!

I am looking forward to the journey with you.  Keep an eye on our website and the ACFnorthwest Facebook page.  I will keep you updated as we go.



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