Life. Living. Community

this community invests in each other,

in the lives of others…and it’s beautiful

this is your life

days are quick, they turn to weeks, then months & years

press into the lives around you now

it will cost you time

the life JESUS wants for you is in others

it’s sweet, fun, glorious, real & worth sacrifices…


“My GOD and FATHER, LORD of the dance, allow me to see this day and this moment for what it really is – an invitation to dance the dance of life and faith with The ONE who made me. May I dance this day with joy and passion, knowing that there will never be another one just like it.” – Jim Branch


by Leeann Funk.  She captured well what  her & her friends lives look like in community.  I wanted to share it with you.  Incredible, Leeann!!!

There's more!

There's more!

Hearing GOD