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“If you concern yourself in the affairs of His will find that God will become responsible and defray all costs.” – F B Meyer

humble pride

"Maybe it’s because I am from a fishing village that is one stop from the end of the earth that wearing a Yankee uniform means so much. I just know I never take it for granted, for even one day." - Mariano Rivera


We serve a patient, slow to get angry, full of unfailing love Father. I saw Him deal graciously with my father-in-law. Our Father will do the same with you and your loved ones.


"Whenever you pray, remember that you are not to procure un-thought-of help; but to avail yourself of the goodness with which God has anticipated your coming” – F. B. Meyer


Knowing we have access, permission to go into the presence of The Most High God, transforms ordinary days to extraordinary days.

pop mid-term?

Trusting eternity to personal opinions, feelings and assumptions about who God might be is a whole lot like walking into a mid-term without any prep work.

less than perfect

"Throughout history, GOD has used imperfect people to work His will…this shows He can redeem the lives of fallen people to do great things for Him…" – study note from Matthew 1:1-16, Every Man’s Bible