an invitation

an invitation

For You are the fountain of life,

the Light by which we live.” - Psalm 36:5-9


Over the last few weeks, I had the privilege of prepping to give a Christmas Eve message, considering the Christmas story and why God did things the way He did. The mystery, sweetness and majesty of this story overwhelm all who ponder it.


Most compelling is how our infinite, all-powerful Father, the One who just spoke galaxies and our universe to be, sent His Son as a mere child. And as this Child grew up, He changed everything.


A child.


Just about everyone is drawn to a child, right?


Can you recall being intimidated, fearful or worried about approaching a baby? Maybe as a first-time parent, but only because you’re already so in love with the child you don’t want to make any mistakes.


Jesus, The Christ, The Messiah, The Savior… as a child, in a manger, is the ultimate open invitation. Come and see. He gently, but profoundly changes everyone He comes in contact with.


When we come to Him, our reality changes forever, and our perspective immediately begins to transform.


There are many dark things around us in which we detect light only when we behold them in the light which streams from the face of Jesus. In His light we see light in them.” – F B Meyer on Psalm 36:9


Light, streaming from the face of Jesus, illuminates everything around me.


Just about every morning, I am the first one up, trying my best to quietly slip out of the room. A stumble in the darkness is almost inevitable, and so frustrating. In the pitch black, a little light, any light makes a world of difference; it keeps me from trouble, harming myself, waking my sweet wife. I see corners, obstacles, open and closed doors much better.


So it is in our life. In the dark, without Him, we stumble and struggle. With the Light of Christ shining on and in us, we more clearly see our path.


So it is in our relationship with our Father. We more clearly understand Him, His love for us and His purposes in the Light of His Son.


And so it is in those we hold most dear to us. When we see them through the Light of Christ, we gain proper, right and healthy perspective. Our loved ones, like us, are being drawn into an increasingly significant relationship with their Father.


“We see a loveliness and beauty in our dear ones that had eluded us till we beheld them in the love of Jesus.” - F B Meyer on Psalm 36:9


All things ought to be considered through the unfailing love of our Savior. This Child in an unlikely manger came for everyone, that we may embrace Him and no longer stumble in darkness. The more we know Him, the brighter our surroundings become. He is The Light of the world and in Him is the fountain of life.


secretly awesome

secretly awesome