Ain't Love Grand

Ain't Love Grand


"Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.  Rejoice in the wife of your youth.". Proverbs 5:18. NLT

This morning, I had the privilege of marrying a sweet couple that was very much in love with each other.  They just wanted their wedding to be outside and to be simple.  I met them at Mt. Bonnell this morning and hiked up to a really pretty overlook.  I thought it was a great scene…perfect, actually.  I’m not sure they cared one bit where we were.  I could’ve married them on campus in front of 10,000 students changing classes, on Congress with people heading to work or on this remote, beautiful vista over Lake Austin.   They only wanted to be married and to be together.  Do you remember feeling like that about your spouse?


They looked deeply into each other’s eyes and said their vows.  At one point they kissed just long enough for me to feel a little creepy to still be standing there.  Again, they didn’t care and to tell you the truth, neither did I.  It was nice to be with them for 20-30 minutes this morning, to share this lifetime moment with them  In fact, I left thinking if this church deal doesn’t work out, I may move to Vegas and marry people every 30 minutes or so.  No complaints, beautiful location, happy people…not a bad morning of work.  Who’s next?


So – rather than preach/write/talk about the virtues of marriage, I would love for you to remember that day, a day on your honeymoon, or the day you were engaged that stands out as better than all the rest.  When did you feel so in love with your spouse that you couldn’t take your eyes off of them?  Was there a moment you looked into their eyes and knew…this one is the one?  I would love for you to click on comments and share your story.


I’ll start.  October 12, 1989 I finally got a lunch date with Celia at Mercado Juarez in Las Colinas.  We ate lunch, talked, got to know each other and laughed all the way through lunch.  The way her eyes sparkled every time she laughed made my knees go weak.  I knew something was different and I knew I was in trouble!  I was right, but I don’t mind, because her eyes still sparkle when she laughs.  I hope you remember one of your moments and you share it with your spouse today. 

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